Flower Applique Pillow

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Are you ready to try something a bit more challenging? Let's add an applique to a pillow! It's not all that difficult really; it just takes more time. Probably something very few of us have very much of these days. But, if the end result makes your smile a bit bigger... isn't it worth it?

My pillow insert for this pillow is 14x14. Anna chose an awesome wood grain print fabric for this pillow from Joel Dewberry found here. (Uggh, I love his stuff.) Anyway, moving on - I cut the fabric 15x15 to again give myself a half inch seam allowance all the way around. She also chose a big floral print barkcloth that I've had in my fabric bin for years. I cut out the big flower that she liked most with pinking shears to minimize the fraying. I then placed the wrong side of the flower applique onto the right side of the wood grain fabric and stitched all the way around.

Next up, I chose some grey ribbon with silver edging (for a little bling) to sew on top of the edges of the applique.  This will conceal the raw edges of the floral fabric. I cut 4 strips of ribbon and pinned them onto the fabric, covering the raw edges with the ribbon. Then, I stitched both sides of the ribbon to secure it firmly.

Finally, put the right sides of your pillow panels together and sew three sides together leaving one open to put in the pillow insert. Once the pillow insert is in, finish with a hand stitch. Now you can simply sit back and enjoy!

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  1. Lacking design sense, offsetting the flower was great! And again the detail of ahaving the trim around the flower panel, and also carrying the trim to the sides of the panel. These kind of details are very helpful. Thanks!


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