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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Okay, I would like to begin this post by asking for a LOT of understanding and a little grace. I am NO photographer. I leave that up to my amazing husband. So, the photos included in this post are anything but good and it's a dark dreary morning here in Dallas so there is no natural light to speak of. Moving on...
Once you have removed the cushion from the chair, it's time to remove the fabric and the many staples that hold her in place. I like using a flathead screwdriver to get under the staples and pull up on the center. Once that is complete all the way around, I use needle-nose pliers to remove the staple completely.
Eco Tip: Hold onto the fabric you are removing from the chair (if you like it) and use it for something else later on down the road. There's no sense in adding to the landfill. (I am using this butterfly fabric to make new cushions for our couch - a little Spring update.)
Next up, cut out your new fabric using the fabric you removed as a pattern/template. Make sure the fabric is right side down and then place your cushion on top to begin recovering.
Tip: Always staple the center of the sides first and pull fabric taught. This will make sure the fabric is centered and stays put throughout the remainder of the stapling process.
Once you have stapled the centers of your edges, finish stapling all around while pulling the fabric taught each time. I save corners for last (with two to three inches of fabric play on each side of the corners) and try my best to miter them. Then I staple the heck out of the corner to make sure it's secure! (I'm quite sure that professionals don't do it that way, but I am no professional.) On that note, it should be said that any time you do a project like this or make something by hand there are bound to be slight imperfections. I have come to embrace that as part of the charm of handmade and DIY. I hope you too can embrace the imperfections of your projects. After all, no one is perfect.

I'll post the finished piece tomorrow and the completed set in my kitchen on Monday. Have a fabulous day enjoying life's imperfections! xo

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