DIY: Coat/Towel Rack

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The hook in my bathroom broke a few months ago and I have been fervently looking for a replacement. The first one I bought from Lowe's didn't work and I can't justify paying Anthropologie prices on a hook. (I'm pretty thrifty, remember? And I prefer thrifty, not cheap!) I know replacing a hook should be easy, but to complicate matters, I have to cover the holes that are left from the previous hooks because I don't have any paint that matches my bathroom to do a wall repair.
So I go to Urban Outfitters for a look-see and find nothing. They used to have such cute hooks...what happened this season? All of this forced me to go back to my inspiration files where I found the above image from an old Design*Sponge DIY post. Cute isn't it? I love the color, the mix of different hook styles, etc. It's all very appealing to me. The best part is, it seems pretty doable and I have some scrap lumber in my garage. It's on baby!

I should mention that I also have a love of glass doorknobs like the one above, but have yet to acquire any for my doors. They have such a romantic feel to them. I note this because I had some drawer pulls lying around that look a lot like glass doorknobs. They use to adorn my old desk that I found on the side of the road on bulk trash day. The desk is now gone (garage sale) but the knobs remain. Luckily, they are perfect for this project. 

I should also note: my bathroom is very tiny (hence the tight photos), the green walls were painted by the former homeowners (it's kind of growing on me) and the light in my bathroom is brilliant some days and very poor other days. Like I tell my kiddos, "ya get what ya get and you don't throw a fit!" The project was really easy. I went a step further and coated the entire piece with mod-podge since this "rack" is in my bathroom and it gets pretty steamy in there. After looking at the inspiration piece from Design*Sponge more, I think I might do this again and use a wider piece of wood. What do you think? Will you try making one of your own? From coats to towels to hats or jewelry, this is a great project for all your hanging needs. xo

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  1. Great idea - I prefer the wider board. Most larger towns have a Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Households items including cabinets, hardward, doors, etc. are donated and the public can buy for a great price. Recycling and supporting a great effort. They usually have some cool hardware and handles perfect this! I might try this for my jewelry using the smaller knobs!


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