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Friday, April 23, 2010

Their jingle (see title) is as awesome as their stores. Thrift Town - they truly are a first class second hand store. Over the years I have acquired a number of lovelies to fill my home and wardrobe. Vases. Furs. Clothing. Kitchen goods. Scarves. Etc. I found my all time favorite necklace there for $2.00!

my favorite necklace

I generally shop at the Arlington, Texas (yes, home of the Dallas Cowboys) location when we are out visiting my Mother-in-law. And that's exactly what I did this week while my oldest got a haircut and my youngest took a nap. I went in looking for pillow cases and sheets to make a tent for my boys and I found three dresses instead. Well, one dress and two nightgowns. Before I show you my loot, I should mention that when it comes to dressing I'm a bit all over the place. I love the style of Kate Moss, Lou Dillion and Sarah Jessica Parker, but I also love the more laid back layered look. Rocker, girlie, eclectic and a tad bit earthy, I have yet to find how to meld these styles together and create my own - but I'm working on it.


this was in the nightgown section, but I think it's gonna look great belted with heels or sandals

over jeans or leggings at the park

nightgown soon to be a shirt (I think - red's not really my color)

But here's where the story gets good... I got all three for under $5.00. WHAT? Yes, can you believe it? It was yellow tag half price day and each one had, you guessed it, a yellow tag! Hooray! Kind of makes me wonder why anyone ever pays full price. Have the happiest of weekends. See you next week. xo


  1. I love your finds! AND you have great style thats all your own, friend!! ;)

  2. Kate Moss, Lou Dillion and SJP, yes, yes, yes and seeing what you rustled up at the store, I say you certainly do have style. Love the finds.
    Happy weekend


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