Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Wheels

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This is a reduction post of a different kind. I usually try to find something crafty to post about, but Spring is here and the weather is so amazing that my new bike is calling me like a siren. That's her - up top! Isn't she lovely? I got her for Christmas and have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of blue skies and warm sunny days. My goal in purchasing a bike was to ride as many places as possible to reduce my stress and my "carbon footprint." Dallas is a BIG city and everything is very spread out, so I don't know how much cleaner I have made the air we breathe.  But I do enjoy myself whenever I go for a ride. Here's a list of the places I can go from the house:

friends' houses
local coffee shop (White Rock Coffee)
grocery store
flower shop
movie rental
post office
The Dollar Store
White Rock Lake

It's not a lot, but it's more than I thought.  Hmmm...pretty cool. Speaking of cool - I don't think there is anything much cooler than a cute girl on a bike with or without basket. (I do prefer a basket though - personal preference.)

via flickr
via flickr
There's just something so romantic about bikes. Seeing these images transports me to another place. I can think of no prettier way to save our environment! Now you might be saying..."where do I put all my stuff?" That's where the lovely basket comes in! Isn't this fun? You get to accessorize! 

this basket liner 

converts to a shopping bag
you can even put a friend in your basket a la Audrey

I know it doesn't make sense for everyone, but it sure is fun and beautiful! Not everything has to be 100% practical right? xo


  1. i am totally and completely jealous of your bike. we almost bought 2 bikes with 2 kid carriers so we could take rides in the evening and have little dates...but they ended up being too spendy for us at the time. oh well! maybe we can find some on craigslist. :) love!

  2. So pleased to have stumbled upon your World via Gina of Bright and Blithe...
    I love bikes too and am waiting for our 2 girls to be able to ride without training wheels...then we can ride to the store too.
    GREAT post...and love the bike!

  3. Love your bike, I think the basket is way cool too - Happy riding!

  4. Thanks all. I do love riding her and do a little something for the world I am leaving to my kids.

  5. love this! I definitely need to make a liner for my basket. I'm totally jealous of all the places you can ride to from home! Do your kids come with? Bike trailer?

  6. unfortunately the only way my kids can come with me right now is if Daddy pushes the youngest on his bike and my oldest rides his. It doesn't happen much! Usually I go alone, which is also nice.

  7. I love that bike!! I have wanted one for so many years. I was eyeballing some at Target the other day, but none were anywhere near as cute as yours!!


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