Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Plates

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Open your kitchen cabinets and I bet you find some chipped plates in there. Go ahead... go look. They're in there, right? I know. I have 'em too. Those beautiful plates that I can't part with even though they're chipped. Or those that match nothing else in the cupboard and yet, never get discarded. When my husband and I first married we, like all newlyweds, registered for some dinnerware. Ours were/are from Crate and Barrel. I like them, but, well... they're kind of simple and big. I am not a fan of big plates. (See the 9 inch diet book that my husband shot with Alex Bogusky.) We thought for a while that we would get rid of them and buy a whole bunch of different plates from thrift stores and have a mix/match set. Fun! Then, my Mother-in-law gave us this amazing set of vintage leaf print dinnerware, tea cups and all that match our C&B set quite nicely. Well, that put an end to the mismatch idea straight away.

all white in the garden

After seven years of marriage I have several chipped plates and a few that match nothing. But no matter how badly I want to rid myself of the plates, I just can't bring myself to do it. Then I saw these images...

And while I absolutely love the look of this garden (and would love for mine to look like that), I wondered, "could this be done in a retro-modern way and look really cool?" I found this next image, jumped for joy and knew the answer was a resounding, "yes!"

You can hang them on the wall, put them in the garden, smash them into bits for art sake; it's up to you. Just please, don't throw them away. They are tiny pieces of art in and of themselves. xo


  1. so true friend! :) our wedding dishware is from crate and barrel, too...and...well...i find it less than inspiring these days. :)

  2. Thanks for featuring my cottage plate garden!



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