Around the House: The Giving Tree

Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Monday dear readers! It seems that another weekend has come and gone. I'm so glad you've popped by to start your week with me. Hey - do you remember when trees just provided shade? My high school English teacher used to talk about reading books under her weeping willow tree. It sounded so romantic. I never entered the bugs and blood-sucking mosquitos into the equation of my daydreams. These days, trees do so much more than provide shade and a dreamy place to rest. I'm kind of falling in love with trees all over again.

side tables with tutorial (leave it to Martha!)

See? Dreamy without the bugs! Gotta love that. (Sidenote: My next door neighbor has a log and stump in his backyard, by his garden. It's my youngest's favorite spot to sit and rest. I guess he knows something that I'm just now figuring out.) I hope you have a stress-free Monday! xo

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