Around the House: Bubblicious

Monday, August 9, 2010

Have you ever added too much detergent to your wash? I did this past weekend. Bubbles were EVERYWHERE! Honestly, I felt like I was in an episode of I Love Lucy. My girlfriend was quick to point out that the wash wasn't suppose to look like that and it had better get to the spin cycle quick! Thanks Captain Obvious! (kidding - she made me laugh even harder at myself.)

I never said I was the best housewife, but I do get it done... sometimes with a few laughs along the way! xo


  1. I have just the right thing for you Brooke: the okoball! You don't need to use any detergent and you save lots of money. It's what I use and I totally love it!

    You can check it here:



  2. Haha! I am so glad I was there to laugh with you!
    Captain Obvious ;)

    PS - I really was worried that it would overflow!


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