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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I've asked my bestie to drop by while I'm out traveling and enjoying my family. Enjoy!

It’s August. Two weeks until school to starts. While Brooke’s been dreaming of fall fashion, I’ve been thinking of crisp fall days, football, and Halloween. So I thought I’d tempt you with a few hand-made costumes to get your gears spinning. It may be just the nudge you need to get a jump start on decorating your dear little ones.

Toddler Turtle costume $100, by Endless Imagination on

more from Endless:

(not gonna lie. the faceless costumes kind of freak me out, but you get the idea.)

Someone handmade some precious Ugly Doll Costumes and put one for sale on ebay. The link is no longer active so I don't have an image, but trust me... they were adorable! Love love love.

Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Snoopy featuring Paper Mache heads found here. The site looks like a mess, but they have tons of great ideas.

Infant Knight Costume $39.95.

Wild Thing, $265.

If you’d rather buy than make, Ebay is your answer. It has all the previous season’s pottery barn kids (candy corn, puffy pumpkin), as well as no longer produced babystyle costumes (octopus, peacock), in addition to all the super heroes you could fit in the universe. And they’re cheap. Act now and you’ll thank me later.

(aka Brooke's right hand gal)

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  1. Thanks for the EBay tip! I will be checking out the costumes there soon!


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