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Monday, September 20, 2010

Gardening is not for the faint of heart. Trust me on this one. You have to be committed, love what you are doing and most important be willing to try and fail (says my neighbor Mr. Ronnie.) I love plants. They bring so much life to a space. But only when they are green. When they're brown, they can really suck the life out of a space. Above is my first little garden trial of basil, rosemary and thyme. (They've lasted all throughout the Texas summer, so I consider that a HUGE success.) I'm quite proud. Here's a look at more of my outdoor plants:

Not bad right? But, you can see the progression from good to not bad to sad per image. It's okay to be honest with me. I'm aware of my brown thumb. Here's the problem... once you enter my house, it gets worse. Much worse! I'll show you, again with a progression.

Pathetic. Just pathetic. Why can't I do this? I try so hard and yet... they die. Now to be fair, I have had some of these plants for 5+ years. But plants don't have a life expectancy - do they? I am bound and determined to have a home filled with greenery. The real stuff that provides oxygen and makes a house homey! Back to Home Depot I go with dead plants in hand, lots of questions and high hopes. Do you have a green or brown thumb? If you have any tips for me, would you mind sharing them? Happy Monday! xo


  1. Why don't you start making your own compost and feed them?

    Do you speak to them? They seem to love it, says my mother (and yes, she is completely sane).


  2. Great goal, sweet attempts. I agree with Isa on feed them. Your own or store bought - at 5+ that soil needs help :)Just like your boys, each plant is unique - water/not much, humidity/not much, pruning/yes/no/when.... And those songs - rock/romance/country :)

  3. Oh I know! I've killed almost every plant I own (with help from the cats). The latest victim was a spider plant, which are supposedly impossible to kill...

    PS. nice title pun - we just saw that movie :)

  4. At least your potted herbs survived :) I've just got our herb garden established too and am now ready to tackle a vegetable plot. Your indoor ones look a bit sick though :) I often forget to water mine and the only way I can remember this job is to make it part of my daily routine (eg. water plants after dishes done). Are your plants getting enough sunlight where they are?

  5. Thanks ladies for letting me know that I am not alone.

    Isa - I may start talking/singing, although it's not likely, as I talk way too much as it is.

    Anon - yeah, you're right - it's time to re-pot.

    Alli - I can kill anything!

    Amanda - sunlight may be lacking, water may be too much but I do love them the appropriate amount - I think. xo

  6. Your not alone I have freakish plant killing powers too. I always forget to water the inside plants or open the blinds to give them some sunlight. But every few weeks I put them under the tap and give them a good water and then outside for the day and that seems to spark them up a bit. Good luck!


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