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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brace yourselves folks. Today you are getting a little peek into how my crazy mind works sometimes (and you get to see some really bad photography - sorry). Above is a birdhouse that my father-in-law made for me. I love it. He used all reclaimed wood for this simplest of homes. (He believes in the Not So Big House idea and I think it works for birds too.)  When I got the birdhouse it looked like this:

Cute right? Straight forward, clean and to the point. My style, but kind of not at the same time. So, I thought I'd dress her up a bit. (Dave please forgive me for what is about to transpire. I know it goes against all your design principles!)

First up, a little garland for this sweet house. It had to be something that would withstand rain and other inclement weather. Tape! Perfect.


triangles (not sure, but think I should have left the squares instead)

Next up, a porch. I mean there was so much space at the front of the little birdhouse it was begging for something. A sign, a perch... something.

Above is where I ended up after a little hot glue action. Then I got to thinking, "will little birds fly through that garland and get caught?" Oh no! I can't have that. So now I'm rethinking my little birdhouse. I think it needs to be more of a bird motel. A little modern bird motel. This is where things get a little crazy in my head and on this post.  And where I need your help.

Did you know that Duck Tape now comes in designs, not just neon colors? I bought some to repair my ripped bible and it got the wheels turning. Seriously, I love this stuff and I want to put it everywhere!

What if I covered the roof of the birdhouse with this stuff and added a little "open" or "vacancy sign"? Does that accomplish my modern bird motel idea? I like the contrast of the black and white with the natural wood.  Then I remembered this stunning packaging and thought... "oohhh...maybe I could get my very talented neighbor to paint this on the roof instead."

See how my brain is all over the place? From birdhouses to bird motels. From garland to ripped bibles to tape to rooftops. So what are your thoughts?  How should I jazz up my little bird motel? Tape or paint? Help! xo


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