Holy Tornado Dorothy

Thursday, September 9, 2010

After last night, I wish I could say that I ended up in the Emerald City wearing stunning red shoes, but life is definitely not the picturesque scene that Hollywood portrays most times. Instead, while eating dinner we heard sirens blaring and were asked to move into the stairwell of our church tower. My thoughts went immediately to my boys. What would they think of this? Would the workers downstairs know to make an adventure out of it like the father in Life is Beautiful? Was there really a tornado in Dallas, Texas? I'm kind of a worrier at times. Can you tell? All turned out just fine and the boys did great. Nothing like a little excitement and extreme weather to spice up the night and put life in perspective. How was your night? Anything exciting? xo

PS - While we are on the topic of adventures, read this. It's uh-mazing! And inspiring.


  1. First time on "Tiny Twigs". Super writing and reflection. Thanks!

  2. Goodness, how terrifying but how exciting for little ones I guess :)

  3. We are all safe and as far as I know, no one got badly hurt from the tornado. The boys have already forgotten about it. No lasting impact on their busy little minds!

    Anon - glad you liked the Tiny Twig link. xo


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