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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who needs tattoos...when stickers abound? My monkies were so very calm and quite the other day while sitting at their little table in the playroom. I walked around only to find this:

and then... I was attacked!

I love my boys - sometime more than others, but the love is always there. Without them, life would be so very dull. And quiet.

Above is a little bonus shot that moved me to tears when I stumbled upon the act. My five year old is reading to his little brother. I die. PS - I go back and forth on whether or not to share images like the ones above on this blog. Sometimes I think, "keep it design based with a bit of ramblings mixed in." And other times I think, "this is my life. It's who I am. It should be a part of the blog sometimes." Thoughts? I'd love get your input here! xo


  1. I like the mix. It's what makes it more you.

  2. I love your blog - decorating and adorable boys! :)

  3. Margie & Janna - Thanks so much. Keep up the visits and the comments. It helps me determine what to write about next! Your support is humbling and flattering! xo

  4. i think it's precious... it's fun to see what parents stumble upon with their kiddos.

  5. love a little glimpse into your life. :)

  6. Oh my, your boys are adorable!! I think it's good to share a bit of your life on your blog so your readers get a sense of you - it's a good balance.

  7. I feel the same way about showing pictures of my son. To date, I have sort of obscured his face. I'm a little worried about exposing too much of myself and sometimes I worry about his safety which is probably crazy but then the world can be crazy at times.

  8. Sheila, Nicole, Amanda and Emma - thank you so much for your insight and sweet words. I try to keep a balance, just don't want to bore anyone! xo


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