Old School

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This rolled down my street last week and I don't know who got more excited - me or the boys! They had never seen an ice cream truck before. Can you believe it? Oh my gosh, when I was little we got treats from the ice cream truck at least once a week. You know... the paper cones filled with blue ice cream that had a bubblegum ball at the bottom. Ohhhh... I die. Memories.

The options have changed slightly, but the music/jingle remains the same.

Jude got Batman - with gumball eyes! Oh yeah.

Liam got Scooby - with gumball eyes. Scooby was chocolate. Very chocolate. And guess what? That chocolate stains. Really bad.  He got this stuff all over his face. And now he looks like this...

C. Thomas Howell in Soul Man

I'm happy to report that after a nice long bath all the chocolate stains are gone. Man, I love a good ice cream truck stop on a hot summer Fall night. What are some of your favorite childhood memories? Gumball ice cream? Anyone? xo


  1. do you live in lake highlands? this friday- the same ice cream guy was up and down our street-made me feel like a kid again:)

  2. The milkman. Trusted, kindhearted, punctual. An old milk box still brings memories of running out to great him and get our weekly supply of milk products!
    Loved the ice cream truck too :)

  3. hello~! i am visiting over from your beautiful post on kim's blog!! it's been wayy too long since i've gotten ice cream from an ice cream truck! yum!

  4. We haven't had an icecream van around here for ages. I used to get so excited as a little girl when I heard that music coming down our street :)

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