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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's a Thanksgiving celebration without some crafts? Here's a look at a few that I intend to do with my boys over the next week. Especially since school is out for the week; I have a feeling some of these are going to come in very handy. They're so cute and so simple. Just what this tired Mom needs.


native americans

pottery barn

Gwen's version

thankful turkey

These crafts are such a great way to educate the boys while having fun. I'll be leaving out the part where we basically take the land from the natives. I think they're a little too young for that part. We'll just focus on the many things we have to be thankful for instead, starting with the natives that showed us how to cultivate the land. 

Do you have a favorite way to share what you're thankful for? xo


  1. The felt turkey is so cool, how can i incorporate that into Christmas (of course we don't do Thanks Giving in Australia) but with an English mother, it has to be turkey on Christmas day!! Love Posie

  2. OH THAT BOAT is wonderful!!!!
    This made me feel super nostalgic....I always used to make "turkey hands" with my kids at Thanksgiving. Now that they seem so "old"...we don't even do crafts anymore:( Think I want to make that boat....even if I do it alone!!!
    Love these ideas!!!

  3. cute gingham-felt turkey! gobble gobble!

    giving thanks...lets see -journaling about it - so i can remind myself later when i MOST need to hear AND gifts(my love language). my favorite way to communicate thanks to friends is little things- even a daisy in a re-used jar can brighten someones' day :)


  4. What CUTE, CUTE ideas!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. bah! i love that thankful yarn turkey! so cute.

  6. Thanks for sharing my Mayflower centerpiece, Brooke! I love those little Native Americans... so cute. Great ideas!

  7. cute! I think I made those toilet paper roll Indians (and pilgrims, too) when I was a kid. :)


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