Ciao for Now...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas has come and gone. Service missed and delayed arrivals. Gifts were given and received. Dishes washed and put away. Loads of laundry done and more waiting. Family illness came and lingers still.  

Looking around it is plain to see that material things don't bring lasting happiness and He alone has control of this ride called life.  I need a Christmas do-over and a vacation! See you in 2011. Gimme a good year and no whammies! xo


  1. it! I'm with you in all of it.
    And so want that car piled with pink presents to drive away in:))

  2. All the best for 2011, may you be showered with love, luck and laughter. Enjoy the festivies of the season ... the laundry can wait!

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