Weekly Challenge: Christmas Edition

Friday, December 17, 2010

Earlier this week, Rachel of Smile and Wave posted a public service announcement. It read, "10 more days until Christmas." What the what?  I didn't know if I wanted to punch her or hug her for that little bit of info.  None the less, I set out to "get 'er done" and mark all my Christmas to-dos off my list.

* Send out Christmas cards - check!

(last year's card)

* Finish shopping for the kiddos - check! (This wasn't really too hard since they only get 3 each and my sister had already picked up their skateboards for me.)

* Make reindeer candy canes - check!

* Co-host pre-K Christmas party - check!

*Tell our oldest that Santa's not real - check!
Now, before everyone gets to thinkin' we've ruined the magic of Christmas, I would like to share that I was having some serious guilt over lying to him. I want our boys to know that they can always trust us. Also, how do you explain to your child that the kids around the world not getting toys aren't "good or bad" their family is just in a tough spot, if you don't expose the Santa myth? So my husband came up with the genius idea of telling Jude that Santa is like Batman and Spiderman. He just makes Christmas more fun. Guess what... He doesn't believe us. He still thinks he's real. I love the innocence of a child.

What do you still have left to do before Christmas Day? xo


  1. Great Christmas card.

    I agree about the whole Santa thing. My nine year old knows but my 6 1/2 year old still believes. Call me crazy, but going to sit on a strange, fat man's lap and tell him 'I've been good' all for a toy? I find the whole lie a bit much. My husband and siblings think I'm nuts :)


  2. that family picture is awesome! we were too lazy and skipped out on this year's. i will blame it on pregnancy. ha ha where do you find your awesome pictures? i love the tree - that color scheme is going to be the same as Josiah and Baby #2's new nursery!

  3. OK - your cards are AMAZING Brooke. LOVE. And I am with you on the whole Santa thing, it felt really weird to tell a complete lie to our little guy...but I also remember how amazing it was when I was 5 or six to be so sure I heard reindeer on the roof... So torn!!!

  4. Card is amazing! I knew it would be good. Look forward to this years. I ran out of time so I didn't do any this year.

    On the Santa note...our kids all know.

  5. That last comment was not from Kelly. It was from me. I am at my mother in laws and it was signed in under her.

  6. Thanks for all the kind words about last year's card. My husband is super freakin' talented y'all!


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