His & Hers: We're Baaaack!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The His & Hers feature kind of trailed off at the end of the year, but never fear...we're back in full swing for 2011!

There's no doubt that boys rule in our house and silliness abounds. Above is a look at my husband's favorite photo of our awesome boys and mine. xo
PS - Be sure to check out Alli's H&H post today. It's a fave because it rings so true.


  1. I always enjoy your "His & Hers" blog posts!


  2. I love the way your little one is looking at your older son in the second photo So sweet!

  3. At first glance I thought the photos meant He was in charge of bath time and You were in charge of bedtime :) What sweet memories!

  4. love them....they are the cutest! In that second photo that you love...the look in the baby's eyes toward his spidey brother is just the best!



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