Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Tea Tins

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Honestly, I prefer coffee and am wondering why there isn't an official coffee time like there is a tea time. Sorry, getting off track. But what I do love about tea is the tins. They're so lovely; full of color and interest. The coffee shop at my church sells a ton of tea and the Barista holds onto the tins for my girlfriend and me. We have used them for plant cuttings and herbs along our kitchen window sills as well as pen/pencil holder and gift boxes. In fact, I recently received a tea tin on my doorstep full of Hot Tamale candy - Yum!  These little tins are versitile indeed.

and again as a vase

handmade candles (wow, I just drop my tea light in there)

How do you use your tea tins? xo


  1. oh these are adorable! where can i find some tea tins like that?! lol. i will be adding tea tins to my thrifting list for sure :)

  2. Beautiful! Sometimes they have nice tins at the Dollar Store too - I love them as planters! Happy New Year Brooke!

  3. My goodness I wish I could get ahold of some of those tins they are beautiful, thats coming from a tea lover, never could stomach coffee. The colors are fantastic, I would for sure use them to plant herbs, that would be fantastic on a window sill!

    - Kim


  4. I have eyed the tea tins at starbuck's for so long because of their colors! These photos have made me rethink going back and buying some! :)


  5. i use mine as a pencil holder and another as a sewing tool holder (seam ripper, etc)

    i also have a bit of a watch addiction (thanks fossil) so i use all of those tins to hold paper clips, push pins, earring supplies and such.

    ps i'm SO sad we didn't get to get together again before we left town. NEXT time for sure.

  6. Thanks for the inspiration! I like your Philippians 4:8 outlook.. :)


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