Weekly Challenge: Try Something(s) New

Friday, January 7, 2011

It's possible that I have become a creature of habit in the midst of having two kiddos and trying to keep them on a schedule. This week I decided to try a few new things - nothing major - to break myself out of the everyday norm.

Red Lipstick - I have pink undertones in my skin and as much as I want to find a red that works for me it's difficult! But, Taza of Rockstar Diaries, JCrew and the old woman at the post office have spurred me into action. My first attempt, the hubs politely asked, "do you have any lipstick that's less bright?" Nice.

(Taza also makes me want to wear more hats and sew fake braids into them so it looks like I have long hair. Is that taking things too far?)

Doodlepops - being a Mom brings out my most creative side sometimes. "Doodlepops" are simply cheese cubes, grapes and veggie chicken nuggets stuck on a skewer. They gobbled them up! I am now fully convinced that kids will eat almost anything on a stick. Gonna do this one again for sure - adding veggies and more fruit.

Sleep Upright - ya know, it saves the hair-do during a little nap if it's a good hair day and you have somewhere to be later. I see my father-in-law do it all the time so I thought, "how hard can it be?" VERY! Almost impossible, I think.

Blow-dry My Hair (before putting it into a ponytail) - it's winter so I thought I'd give this one a go in hopes of staying warm and preventing a dry scalp. It wasn't so bad, but it sure is a time sucker.

Seed Effect I wrote my first check to them this week. Giving away 10% of my proceeds has never felt so good. And, when I met with Missy to give her the check she made me feel so good about the little amount that I gave; she almost brought me to tears. Thanks lovely supporters of my Etsy shop for giving me the opportunity to impact the lives of others!

I'm sure I'll try something else new this weekend to finish this challenge strong. How about you? Tried anything new lately? Happy Weekend. xo


  1. I love the new things you tried! I need to see a pic of you in the red lipstick! I am definitely going to try the food skewers! What brand of veggie nuggets do you use? The new thing I tried last week was getting a tatoo! ;)

  2. Hey Brooke,

    I would like to give you the "Stylish Blogger Award" for your beautiful and so inspiring blog!

    How this award works is that it's passed on from blogger to blogger, so I received the award from someone and I pass on the award to others. Part of this award is to write 7 things about yourself (on your blog post) and pass this award to 15 other recently discovered blogs you think deserves this award too.

    You can see my post and the link for the award here:

    Kisses, Eleni

    ps: I love your weekly challenges! They are so inspiring ( and funny)!

  3. I will be making my very own sushi tonight. I have done this before, but never without the help from my sister and her boyfriend (who just happens to be a french trained chef...) wish me luck!

    ps. love reading your blog, so glad I became a follower!

  4. Food on skewers...I think my boys would love this (colorful and full of veggies, perfect!) And I say three cheers for attempting the red lipstick...so chic and french (two of my current aspirations!) Ooh la la :)

  5. Red lipstick scares me, too! But I love it on Taza... I think I will pick some up this weekend at Target and try it out! ;)

  6. i cannot, repeat, CANNOT wear lipstick or tinted gloss of any color. my lips are naturally very pink, and anything extra looks vulgar. :) i've tried a hundred MILLION times (about 200,000 of those times wasted on red!)...and i've just decided it's not gonna happen. :)

    ditto on the pic of the red lipsticked brooke-y face. :) smoooooch!


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