Weekly Challenge: Tap Into My Inner Kid

Friday, February 11, 2011

Not all weekly challenges are met with success. This one started off with a bang, but trailed off at the end.  I hope to re-up my game this weekend. One of the things I love about having kiddos is seeing life through their eyes - it draws me into the world of childhood. Here's how I rocked it.

We built forts/tents and read stories - the boys slept in theirs almost all week. Ahhhh-some!

On my way to biblestudy I turned on my favorite radio station (KEOM - Mesquite Schools Radio for all you Dallas folks) and sang at the top of my lungs to the following randomness that was played in this order: Anne Murray, Come Sail Away by Styx, Rock and Roll All Night by KISS.

I played Hullabaloo, cars, and Star Wars with my boys. I laughed ton and think I pulled something when trying to touch my nose to yellow and knee to a triangle. Ouch.

I had brownies and cupcakes for dinner one night. It was pretty gross. Not. Gonna. Lie. If I was really doin' this challenge right I would have been Little Debbies instead! Hello Childhood.

Stayed in jammies all day long for 2 days.

I threw a few tantrums. Dang it! This wasn't planned at all, but like a child, I let my emotions and feelings get the better of me.

I made silly faces.

And, I watched the original Batman from the 1940s! Yes, I cheated a little by folding laundry while watching instead of sucking my thumb and loving on my blanket, but I told you this challenge wasn't a total success.

What would you do to rock your inner child? Happy Weekend friends - party like you're 7! xo


  1. I'm all for sleeping in forts and eating little debbie cakes with abandon. love it.

  2. you da bestest!!

    what a fun week!



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