His & Hers: Estate Sales - Pretty Practical

Monday, March 21, 2011

Almost every Monday you can find me and Alli of Hooray doing a little His & Hers peek into our lives. No rules. Just fun. We'd love for you to play along! Wouldn't it be cool if over 1000 bloggers were doing this? I know, lofty goal - but it would be fun.

Usually my husband is none too pleased with my spending hours at Estate Sales. I can't help it, I love looking at old houses and the thrill of the hunt. You just never know what you'll find. This past week I went "hunting" with my Mother-in-law. My score? A pretty hand-crafted Dolce and Gabbana inspired floral dress with sequins that fits to a tee! His score? A practical muscle massager thingy; he's been having back and leg problems. A little for me... A little for him... everyone's a winner! xo

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