Twenty Bucks and a Little Humble Pie (a la mode)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

One of my goals in taking some time off from the blog was to pour into family. Having two boys (5 and 2) is a lot of work. There are the basic 123s... and ABCs... but the part that really drives me to take a break is their hearts. I ask myself often, "How am I doing at shepherding these little guys? Are they thinking of others first? Are they being obedient? Are we having fun along the way in this life journey?"  My oldest answered some of these questions for me on Sunday.

We were headed to a friend's house for brunch and had to make a quick stop at the store. While I was picking up a few things, my husband and the boys were approached by a man in need of gas. He asked for money and since don't carry cash on us - ever,  it was a pretty easy, "sorry, man" for the hubs. My oldest said, "I wish I had my twenty dollars from my piggy bank. I would give it to him." A convicting and proud moment for the hubs. I got back into the car and was quickly told what happened as we cruised across the lot to find the man. Long story short, we found him, asked him to follow us to the gas station and filled his car for him. When my husband got back in the car, my oldest said, "We should pray for him huh Dada?" WOW!  Thank you Lord for answering my prayers (and questions) in such a powerful and memorable way.

What has God showed you over the last week or so?


  1. I love your post! I don't think we can ever give enough! I've been convicted this year to be "selfless," which if you think about it, can be so difficult!

    Anyway, how wonderful to hear your son ask to pray for that man. That's truly inspiring! You're doing a great job raising those boys! :)

  2. um. i'm crying. so incredible. you guys are doing an awesome job with your little rascals. praise God for his goodness & grace!

  3. This is wonderful! Great post....thank you for sharing what is truly important in raising our kids!

  4. Yay God!!!! So glad you are back on here! Missed your daily musings!

  5. oh, my. i pray that i do my son such justice. beautiful.

  6. I have missed your posts ;) what a beautiful gesture you have taught your boys well x

  7. I've missed you! This post brought tears to my eyes - this is exactly what I hope to instill in my kids someday. Good job, mama!


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