Weekly Challenge: Play Catchup

Friday, March 25, 2011

Life moves fast. So much so that it feels like I can actually see the blur of it whirling by. This week, with less distractions, I focused on things I had neglected for a while.

I am pleased to report that as I type this, there are no dishes in my sink. Yes, the angels are singing...a miracle has been performed! ha!
Laundry is folded and mostly put away.

I enjoyed a sit down lunch with my little. (He usually eats while I multi-task.)

I "fished" in the front yard with my little. (Him pouting at the park below.)

We finally super-glued the broken blind lever. The bedroom is officially dark again!

My youngest is enrolled in school. Oh gosh, I think Fall may come too soon. (sniff. sniff.)

I am mentioning a much delayed notice of a guest post I did over at the lovely Dot... in the City.

I'm finally giving a shout out to this cool crane project.

I finished my Beth Moore study. I'm workin' hard on freedom!

I'm sharing this hysterical baby announcement a friend posted on facebook that gets me rolling every time! Enjoy!

Hope your week has been equally as productive! xo
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