Weekly Challenge: Less TV

Friday, April 1, 2011

Lately I've been super convicted about how much TV my kiddos watch. You know your family has been sick a long time when "germ juice" is a part of your kitchen table centerpiece and you are having to ween your kiddos off TV. So, this week the hubs and I have discussed stopping all TV during the week and only allowing it on the weekends. I think a slow gradual transition into this is best so this week's challenge has been TV only in the mornings - 2 shows. How does this family cope with no TV? Centers. Crafting. Silliness.

quick crafts/games

centers: motion, art, wheels, legos

silliness: the hubs had this hot look rollin' the other night and then the wig was added
I decided to get in on the fun. I wore it while cleaning and bathing the boys. It definitely makes chores more fun. I think I may need to add a tiara though.

May your week be filled with family and fun - not a bombardment of really bad advertisements all geared to make you think you are less of a person if you don't have what their sellin'. Happy Weekend peeps! xo

PS - It's April Fool's Day!  Don't forget to play a trick on someone - for best results keep it light-hearted and silly. xo 
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