Around the House: It's Officially Summer

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pre-K is over, the temps are rising and I'm looking for things to do with my's officially Summer!

We are making a list of fun things to do this Summer - things we've never done before and/or haven't done in a while.  Here are a few that are sure to be on the list. (PS...if you want more great ideas, check out the list/link below.)

great list here

1. Tie-dye
2. Fishing with Pop.
3. Spray Park
4. Texas Road Trip - with a little Texas history on the side!
5. Make cookie pops.
6. Cookies for the Fire Department.
7. Make our own ice cream.
8. Go to a farm and milk cows.
9. Paint with fruit & veggies.
10. Museum
11. Bug/Creature Bingo - this involves a walk around the block and stickers for our boards.
12. Potholder weaving - I loved this when I was little.
13. Make our own tent for inside the house - tutorial found here.
14. Make birdseed bars/cakes.
15. Make our own playdough.
16. Send a random package to a friend in the mail. See this blog for ideas.
17. Take the littles to the drive-in movie theatre. Kung-Fu Panda 2 and Cars 2 - we are waiting and super excited.
18. Go to a baseball game. Go Rough Riders!
19. Soccer/Bible study camp. How they rolled these two things into one I will never know, but God seems to bless me in the strangest way sometimes. He so knows just what will speak to the heart of my oldest!
20. Legoland! Our countdown started May 1st. We leave June 2nd. Wahoo!

In hopes of keeping my littles excited about our Summer list, we'll be making posting everything on posterboard and hanging it in the playroom, checking items off as they're completed. I hope this will aslo help me remember what's available for us to do during the day when we hit a slump.

I hope this inspires some of you to make a list of your own. xo
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