Around the House: A Peek Inside My Closet

Monday, June 13, 2011

Back in the day, also known as before children, I loved getting ready/dressed. I would take an hour to do my hair and make-up and choose just the right ensemble for the day. Ponytails were rare, I never went out in public without make-up and work-out clothes were saved for the gym. Fast forward six years, add two kiddos into the mix and you have a Momma who gets dressed in 10 minutes for my daily routine and 30 minutes or less for "going out" - see also date night.

Hoping to look slightly more pulled together on a daily basis and not just date nights... I gussied up my closet a bit putting everything in plain view and within reach. Remember those cakeplates I showed you? Well I promised I would show you why I was making so many - here you go!

Using a vintage plate and hurricane vase, I also made a picture holder for my favorite pic of me and my sis in our new maryjanes and pjs. (Mine were on the wrong feet. So cute.) I originally made this as a hat stand, but you couldn't see the picture; so I tossed a little flower pin on top and voila! Still in desperate need of a hat stand, I picked up a large wineglass from the dollar tree and hot glued it onto a vintage plate. It works great!
 (yes, I have an inspiration board in my closet...I'm a dork.)

I was also in need a more hooks for my many necklaces and scarves. Luckily my husband had this really cool piece of old wood lying around. I trimmed it down to size and added some hooks and knobs I had lying around. I'm so happy with how it turned out.

Now when I walk into my closet it's like a mini-boutique that inspires me like crazy and makes my type-A neat freak side sing for joy! Maybe I can get ready for date night in 25 minutes now! Happy Monday friends... xo
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