Raven + Lily

Thursday, June 23, 2011

For my birthday last year, my Mother-in-law gave me an amazing pair of leather feather earrings. They are amazing - I wear them all the time. I promised I would share a bit about the company that makes them because their story is amazing. So...better late than never. Check out Raven + Lily. It's not often that I promote products on my blog. But Raven + Lily is special. They are empowering women thru design/micro-enterpise training, thus giving them a future and hope for tomorrow.

Their blog is amazing too. It keeps you up to date with all that they are doing and the stories of the women they are empowering. They are currently undergoing some changes with their online shop page. Be patient with them. Their stuff is worth the wait. And if you live in LA, check out their new store. xo
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