Weekly Challenge: The Glamourous Life

Friday, July 22, 2011

International flights, glitter, late nights... Sound glamourous? Things aren't always what they appear.

It started with this...

Friday my hubs was Egypt bound.

The boys and I headed to the Lakehouse!

We got a bit of a scare...
chicken pox?

Off to the doctor! No chicken pox, PTL. But my little did have a case of impetigo. Enter antibiotics and isolation.

Then came the late nights. Remember I don't like being without the hubs? A solid week was HARD, especially with no playdates and a sick kiddo.

Due to the isolation, I brought out the movies, games and crafts. That's where the glitter came in.  We tried this craft. My boys didn't want to touch it. What?  I thought they'd love this. I sure did.

See? Not so glamourous after all huh? I tried to survive my sleepless nights with movies, blogs and my bible. God showed me a lot about myself this week. (I'll do a specific post on that later.) My greatest take-away from the week? I can survive just about anything, with Him. And, I am stronger than I thought. What did you learn this week?

The hubs is home and the weekend begins. I've never anticipated a weekend more. Have fun homies! I sure will. xo
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