Weekly Challenge: The Power of "P"

Friday, July 15, 2011

As a mother of two and the youngest of two I have the following beliefs... 1. The youngest gets away with murder. 2. The youngest usually gets the shaft, hence the getting away with murder.  My parenting is mostly geared toward my oldest. I can count the number of Sesame Street shows my youngest has watched on two hands. He was typically woken up from naps to pick his older brother up from school - I would have never woken my oldest up from a nap. NEVER! And at a tender three years old, my youngest knows about Star Wars, Power Rangers and potty centered humor. And my oldest knew his colors, numbers and alphabet by age three...easy. My youngest doesn't know his alphabet and mixes up yellow and pink quite often.  This week, I vowed to change all of that with a focus on letters. Starting with "P".

We did our P drawings on paper plates. Using paste to adhere paper and pompoms.

We painted with food colored ice cubes outside.

We went to the pool.

We had a fabulous playdate.

We ate pizza, popcorn and popsicles.

And just me and my little went to the movie theater to see Kung Fu Panda. (One of his faves. He calls it Kung Tu Panda.)

This weekend we will have a Pajama Jammy Jam, make paper plate pirates, read The Night Pirates and look for treasure in our backyard using a pirate map I made from their painting.
(map of backyard with silly names)
(I cut a branch in half and hot glued the fabric ends to the sticks to make the scroll.)

Their treasure will contain ring pops and coins. And never one to miss the opportunity for teachable moments, after they've found their treasure and are sucking their delish ring-pops, they will learn the parable of The Lost Coin (Luke 15:8-10). I want my youngest to have learned the letter "P" and the sound it makes. I want both of my boys to have learned that God's treasure is their hearts and just as fervently as they looked for their pirate treasure, God pursues their hearts and He will never give up!

How's that for a nice reminder of the letter "P" and God's love for you as we roll into the weekend? Enjoy! xo
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