Art Hack

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The above image is from a recent house tour (one of my new favorites) on Emma's amazing blog, the marion house book. I immediately fell in love with the art in this image. So simple. So perfect. I have no idea where they found it and I'm quite sure it's out of my price range, so I made a quick and easy version of my own.  

Here's how you can steal this inspiring look too...

freezer paper
brown paper (i used 3M postal wrapping paper - found at Dollar Tree)
letters (i used iron on, next time i'll use stickers)
spray paint

draw your desired shape onto freezer paper
cut out
iron freezer paper and letters (unless they're stickers) to brown paper - iron should be really hot
spray paint or paint the paper desired color
 allow for drying time
remove freezer paper and letters
trim paper to frame size

Yes, my photography stinks. Yes, I will use a much cooler letter font next time (just used what I had on hand). Yes, this was super easy. Yes, I love the end result.  And yes, because of my love for the home that inspired this little craft, I kind of want to paint my walls white.  PS - am I the last person on earth to discover the genius of freezer paper? xo
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