Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Holiday Fat/Calories

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WHAT????? Skip that. It's Thanksgiving. Bring on the gravy, sweet potato casserole and the pie! Instead I'll show you how I'm managing to keep my sanity and have a clean(er) house over the holidays.  Enter the chore chart...

old cookie sheet (25 cents @ garage sale)
scrap magnets from mail
double sided tape or glue
craft paper
paint brush
chalkboard paint
chalk ink

Step one: clean and paint cookie sheet
 step two: cut up paper and magnets in the size and shape you desire

step three: adhere magnets to craft paper
step four: sketch then paint chores onto paper magnets (there are a lot of great free printables available out there if you want to save time)
step five: draw "system" onto cookie sheet with chalk ink
step six: hang and enforce

There is method to my madness...I drew the pictures of the chores as well as wrote them out because my littles are only 6 and 3. I chose the To Do/Done "system" for now because I think it's easiest for now. But, that is where the chalkboard paint and chalk ink come in handy... If this system doesn't work for us, I can change it at any time with minimal effort. xo
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