Last Minute DIY Gifts Under $5.00

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yesterday I told you that my little elves and I were busy making all of our gifts for Christmas. Well, I'm sharing a few with you today in hopes to inspire you or give you some ideas for last minute gifts that are all under $5.00. Awesome Sauce, right?

Salt Dough Ornaments and Gift-tags - easy and fun. We got our recipe here and it's super easy.

Chalkboard Jars and Mugs: Great for teachers. I got the containers and the mug at the Dollar Tree.And I think it's time that I tell you, if you haven't picked up on this already, a can of chalkboard paint is the BEST craft staple next to the hot glue gun! Fo realz!

Top-tastic Goodie Pouches: A great gift for all the littles at school. Here's how I did this one...

Mini Candy Canes (Dollar Tree)
Top Party Favors (Dollar Tree)
3M Craft Paper (Dollar Tree)
 1. cut your paper strips and fold in half.
2. Stamp all your folded papers with a design you like.
3. Sew edges and write message.
 4. Stuff with goodies and seal edge at top with tape.
 5. Deliver with joy!

I hope I've provided a little inspiration. If not, at least our gifts are all complete and we've had a ton of fun. And yes, it's true... I have zero idea what I'm doing in Lightroom, but I'm having fun! (Sorry for the inconsistency in my images.)

Happy Gifting. xo
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