Forever February: Celebration & Arrow Tutorial

Monday, February 13, 2012

It's Monday and you know what that means... one more day 'til Valentine's Day. Although I must admit, I feel like I've been celebrating for 2 weeks now. Secretly, I'm loving it - the decorations, the creative ways to let people know you love them. Gosh, I've never had so much fun celebrating this Hallmark created holiday. 

This past Friday marked the end of my dear friends' 40 day fast and my husband was coming home from a 3 day business trip. Yup...Party Time! Our community group arranged a little love fiesta to celebrate. Decorating for this dinner party was a blast - I got my cupid on with arrows as the main theme.

 (arrow tutorial below)

 (the napkin holders were made from scrapbook paper and toiletpaper rolls that I cut in half.)

For the littles... a little bingo action, candy heart stacking games and a heart balloon blowing contest.
free printable here

We had so much fun, but I think we'd all agree that eating our weight in chips and queso was not wise. Blech! But, I absolutely love making others feel special. It may very well be my all-time favorite thing to do. Don't get me wrong, there's a little selfish motivation in it - I get to see the looks on the recipients' faces. That right there is worth a million dollars.

If you want to make some cupid arrows of your own (I know, I'm kinda late on this one) here's how I made mine:

scissors or exacto knife
wooden kabob sticks
hot glue gun
cording in your favorite color
felt or foam core (optional)

Select feathers with a good shape. All that fuzzy stuff at the bottom will be trimmed off.
 Using either scissors or exacto, trim the fuzzy ends of the bottom.

 One your feather looks like this, you can trim up the sides if you'd like a cleaner look.
 Next, trim the end of the feather quill.

 You can also splice two feathers in half and glue one to each side of your stick.

Or simply attach a single feather at the end of a stick using hot glue. Then glue cording to stick at the base of the feather and wrap stick covering up the quill.
You can finish your arrows one of three ways - 1. leave them plain 2. cut 2 felt hearts and sandwich the kabob stick's pointy end, securing with hot glue 3. cut small triangles out of foam core and stick the pointy end of the kabob stick in the middle.

 You can bet these little jewels will be adorning my desk in the very near future. Happy Monday! xo
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