Homemade Circus

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Have you been to the circus lately? No? Me either. I gotta say, I'm a little concerned about the treatment of the animals. But, my biggest concern last week was the price. Yowza! Those things aren't cheap. So we decided to have a last minute circus of our own with some dear friends.

Materials needed:
a little imagination

Our "Ring Master" telling us a bit about the show and the rules for the audience.

My little clown (hiding in back) waiting for his introduction.
our gymnasts and clowns tumbling and doing their death defying tricks
preparing to walk the "tight rope"

 a little "pie" in the face

We had so much fun and the littles were so creative. They came up with the entire "show" and it was thoroughly entertaining. We'll be doing this again for sure with a little more preparation. We're talking rings of fire via hoola hoops and much more. Happy Tuesday my little side-show freaks! xo
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