Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Foster Children

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thanks to you guys and your generous shopping of my closet, there are 2 less Foster Children in the world. Wahoo! As of yesterday, the Hammons completed their second adoption this year with the addition of their little girl Jada (the cutie in pink above).  I can't thank you enough for helping my friends bring home both Drake and Jada! I'm overwhelmed by God's goodness.

The Hammons are are very sweet, loving, YOUNG couple at our church that have fostered many kiddos. I met Elizabeth through our Women's Bible Study this past Fall. Then when my Dad got sick, she brought ME a meal. She, a mother of four (one of whom had recently been in ICU), brought me a meal. What? Who does that? When she told our bible study group of their plans to adopt their two foster kiddos, I knew I wanted to help them in any way that I could. They now have four sweet littles running around their home (3 adopted and 1 bio) and I'm pretty sure they aren't done yet! I gotta say, I think Elizabeth is Super Woman...she just doesn't let her golden bracelets and lasso show. 

Wanna know what the car of a foster parent looks like?
Ha ha ha...told you...Super Woman. I think she uses her invisible jet to bring home the groceries. Thanks again you guys for shopping my closet to help make these littles official "Hammons." Humbled. xo
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