Weekly Challenge: Resist Temptation

Friday, May 25, 2012

Last night, my girlfriend asked me, "do you give yourselves these challenges ahead of time or in the midst of the week?" Oh how I wish I could say that I planned them every week. Some I do, but many come as I struggle within the midst of my weeks. Like this week for example... We are moving in less than a month and I just got boxes today. I have yet to pack up a single thing, despite the fact that we closed on our new house today. (Pictures to come soon.) Instead, I have spent my week using every bit of restraint that I can find within my body to resist bringing home some bulk trash goodies...

makes it SO hard to resist...
they are deep drawers and right across the street, singing to me like sirens!

and, I'm loving something like this for the backyard, so of coarse...
there are pallets lining every single freakin' street I drive down. What the?

Oh gosh you guys, I might be going through picker withdrawal! HELP! Happy long Weekend. xo
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