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Friday, July 13, 2012

Oh baby, it's Friday! Can I get a woot woot? You guys, I am sooo super excited to share with you guys my new Friday series. Why am I so excited? Because I'm highlighting the most awesome people in the world - my readers. Awww yeah! 

Here's the dealio... you know how much a love a roadside treasure right?  Well last week, Dave and Holly, a sweet couple from San Antonio that reads the blog, sent me some pics of their bulk trash finds. They said they knew if anyone would appreciate their scores, it'd be me. Man were they right. Not only did I love the pics, I was a little jealous of their loot. I immediately asked if I could share their pics with you guys and they agreed. Bam! A new series was born. I want to highlight you and your amazing finds. Just send me your pics and every friday I will post images for you guys to drool over. I figure this will not only create community (which I love) but also inspire you to get out there and HUNT!

Are you kidding me? Do you see that door? That knob? Those turquoise blue, warn and weathered windows of goodness? All of that for free. FREE. I told them they needed to go back and get those windows for me. I felt a little like Ed of Raising Arizona - "Dave, you go out there and get me one of them windows. I want them windows; they got more 'en they can handle!" 

Okay, now that Dave and Holly (and baby Matilda) got us started, it's time for you to show me what ya got! Let's build a community of roadside, thriftin' pickers! You in? 

Happy Weekend my little scavengers. I'm off to Austin. Don't forget to send me your pictures! xo


  1. love this idea for a column. i am on the look out for a good find!

  2. Yay! So glad girlie. I need some material...send your pics and tell your friends. xo

  3. awesome idea! that door would be priced over $100 at our local salvage shop. Do you want recent finds? I have some older items but haven't had much time this summer to look :)

  4. Julia! Send me your finds girl, old/new, I don't care...just want to share with everyone the goodness that can be found if a little hunting is done! xo


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