Animal Magnitude (DIY)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

magnets via uncovet
Pinterest is the Mother of all DIY lists that never seem to get done. I have two DIY files and I could count on two hands how many of them I have attempted. I am thrilled to say that I finally attempted and completed (that's always the goal but...) the above little animal magnets from Uncovet for a marketing piece. Today, I am sharing the project with you!

 cut all of your dollar store animals in half

 if animals are hollow (like mine were) fill with a dab of glue and paper towel balls or a fast drying putty like liquid nails (i ended up doing both because my holes were so large) 
the goal is for the area where the magnet will be glued to be flat so that the magnet will lay flat
 once glue/putty is dry, lay animals on a flat surface (i used an empty cereal box) and apply several light coats of spray paint until the animals are completely covered
 once dry, glue magnet to backside (cut side) of animal, place magnet side up in egg carton and give another coat of spray paint

 allow paint to dry and enjoy!

We used only the backsides of the animals for a cheeky marketing gift that my hubs and I handed out at a portfolio showing. It was a huge hit that got lots of laughs and silly jokes. Everyone loved them. Now before you go getting offended by our use of the word "ass", the word can be found in the bible. ha ha ha. However you use these little gems, they are sure to be fun and easy to make.

I'm so feeling gold spray painted anything and everything. What's your color of the moment? xo


  1. These are freaking awesome! You rock girl!

  2. Megs - ha ha ha - thanks girl. Glad you like 'em.

  3. i lOVE this - excellent idea!!!!!!


  4. Those are too funny! :) Did you know I have a little monthly challenge to get us doing instead of just pinning? Come link up your projects with me one of these months. :)

  5. Please excuse me for being so behind on my Google Reader...but these are awesome. I love the cheekiness as much as the shimmering gold!


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