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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

apple crate via apartment therapy
As we've moved from house to house, I've gotten to see the under belly of others recycling habits. In our old house, we had two big trash cans in our pantry - both were for recycled items. In the "summer house" there was one big bin in the kitchen. At the in-laws... recyclable items go on the kitchen counter and are then taken outside once you're on your way out the door. At the besties... hold onto your big girl panties... there is NO recycling. Commence wincing now. I know. I know. I've tried to convert her, to no avail. She doesn't believe the city actually takes it to recycle centers versus the city dump. I'm trying to convince her that believing in recycling is not like believing in Santa or the Tooth Fairy - it's very real. But she stands firm in her anti-recycling ways. Her only saving grace - she's real funny about it.

Anyway, this got me to thinkin' about the recycling options out there. From the pretty to the practical.

stacked via pottery barn
divided and hidden via kitchen designs
upright and compact via ikea
divided with handles and covered via ikea
thinking outside the "bin" via the container store

on the go or outdoor events via the container store
pretty labels for the extremely organized via poppytalk

Some really great options no? As for me, I think I'll stick with simple plastic trash bins, but it's definitely time to label them "recycle" to prevent any confusions amongst our family and friends. 

How about you? Do you separate your recycle goods or dump them all into one bin? Is your bin pretty or just plain practical? xo


  1. O my, our recycling bins look nothing like the ones you've posted here lol.. ours look like those huge "hazardous waste" barrels haha..

  2. love the first picture..We just have a bin under the sink. I throw cardboard/paper in there. Glass and plastic go directly outside to the recycling bin. I don't know why though, these images make a lot more sense!!

  3. We are like your inlaws, we stack on the counter and then the kids take turns via the chore list taking it out to the bins. Our town collects every other Monday.

  4. oh no you diin't. . . out me in front of your
    peeps like that. if you're going to
    start airing all our dirty laundry
    for your readers, you'll have to tell
    them that you don't like dogs.
    oops. did i just out you?

    i heart you, from your bestie.

  5. BikBik - i'm sure you could spray paint that sucker and it would look great! lol. xo

    Julia - I love that picture too. I'm so not that classy. ha. xo

    Shon - every other monday? wow, our bins would be toppling over! xo

    Anon/Bestie - oh yes I did and I at least shared that you were funny! And i'm pretty sure I've already shared with my readers that I'm not much of an animal fan - at least not in my home. :) Besides, God has a sense of humor and I'm basically living at Dr. Dolittle's house right now with 3 HUGE dogs and 2 cats. One even slept with me last night. So there! PS - I heart you too. xo

  6. thanks for sharing the idea of keeping different bins for garbage, its a really good point to take a note on

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