WIP or Whip?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I am finally getting around to showing you guys a few sneak peeks of the new digs. We are not in yet...waiting, waiting, waiting on the city. As Tom Petty says, "waiting is the hardest part." Over the past 2.5 months we have gutted 2.5 bathrooms and a kitchen, put in all new windows, ripped up carpet and refinished the cement flooring. And if that's not enough, the crew working on our home has ripped off the roof, added a second floor - to house the hub's studio, closed in a breezeway to create a mudroom and installed a new roof. Whew. That's a lot in 2.5 months right? I'm having a hard time deciding if this monster project is a W.I.P. or a whip. It might just be a little of both!

The hubs and I spent the better part of this past Saturday painting the playroom (above) and kitchen. It was insanely hard work, the ceilings nearly killed me, but I'm getting really excited about moving in. The kitchen is awaiting counter tops and island. She will be bright white with some open shelving and a HUGE window that looks out to the patio and backyard. 

We painted our little exposed brick wall white and I lovey, love it! We I also did the obligatory romance paint sign that will reside behind our fridge for years.

I have a ton more to show you, but that's it for now - baby steps homies. Baby. Steps. 

Hope you are enjoying your week. If you are the praying kind, we could really use 'em. The city is delaying us again and school starts next Monday for my oldest. It will be a new school for him, so I really want him in his own room to get a good night's sleep before the big day. Will you join us in prayer that miracles would happen and we would be approved for power before the 27th? We'd really appreciate it. xo


  1. prayed this morning! Our little guy has a need for routine/help with transition so my heart is with you on wanting him in his own room for first day of school!

    Also, the exposed brick..love!

  2. Julia - thank you friend. I'm forever grateful! xo

  3. Everyone always says the finishing details take the longest, but I didn't really understand until we were there ourselves! It will all be worth it when you are sitting in your wonderful new kitchen, drinking a nice cup of coffee and looking out the window at the morning sun! Which school is your new elementary school? Christine

  4. so excited for your new place! And praying for God to work out the delays and get you in before the 27th!


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