Fabulous Finds Friday - Giddy Edition

Friday, September 21, 2012

Oh homies... It's been too long! It feels good to be back amongst the land of the connected. But I must say, living "disconnected" for a bit had its perks too.  You guys ready for some fab finds? My sweet cousin Mandy sent me some of her scores a few weeks back before the internet got swept out from under my feet. Mandy is the most supportive, loving, genuine and precious cousin in the world (and I married into the relationship - lucky me). With just a few bucks she brought home some seriously cute fridge decor, awesome cut glass pieces and a brass trunk that makes me drool.
 (ps - the cutie on the right with the dimples is my SIL - stunning huh?)
Awesome sauce right? While I'm here I thought I'd show you some of my finds since moving into the new house...
 yes, dallas is officially on the joe map! woot woot
 most awesome wall hanging housewarming gift ever - thank you MIL!
 ahhh...Ikea. you've done it again. rug in the playroom being broken in.
the mother of all front yard 50's planter box motes dug by my precious boys one drizzly afternoon.

There you have it. Some wicked awesome finds that didn't break the bank and a few sneak peaks of the hizzle. More to come. Happy weekend! I'm off to kidnap a Baylor Bear for the weekend. xo


  1. i am in love with that brass truck. so great!

  2. OH wow. Brass Trunk. I think I just fell over. luuuuuurve......

  3. Ooh, so many lovely goodies! And good ol Ikea haha..

  4. I knew you guys would share my love of that trunk! Thanks for the support of brass lovin'. And Bikbik - yup, good ol Ikea! xo


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