Fab Finds Friday - Fall Sparkle

Thursday, October 11, 2012

That little lovely came home with me for a mere $5.00. She is going to look killer this October and November with a t-shirt and jeans. And once I cut out the itchy sequins in the arms (hello, lining would have been nice, ha listen to me complain over a thrift store score - geeze) this sparkle jacket will be comfy and warm too.

And folks, that right there is all I've got. My attempt to form community through this series is not really working. Does this mean you'd rather I go back to the weekly challenge? I can do that, but I'd rather hear from you first. What say you? Fabulous Friday Finds, Weekly Challenge or bring back the His and Hers series I did will sweet Alli from Hooray

Happy Weekend! I've got family coming in from Des Moines and friends coming over for dinner Saturday. It's going to be a good one! xo


  1. ta da! the world is your stage!!!
    (in that jacket!) shine on sister~

  2. great fall colors! ps I just sent you an email. happy friday! I'm so ready for the weekend.

  3. Lovely! Just the right amount of shine :)

  4. Love this piece. I can not wait to see this on!!

    I have been running, literally in a million directions, so my blogging is slim. Please continue your Friday Finds!! I promise to get back to it!!


  5. I love your Fab Friday Finds! Love love love. I am sending you one soon, I found a doozy today. :) This sweater is a gem!

  6. oh my goodness. you guys totally rock! Thanks for all your feedback! You guys are seriously the best! xoxoxo


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