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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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I've been doing a lot of laying around, surfing and soup making lately. Being sick is no fun for anyone only fun for my littles who get to watch a TON of TV, read and play video games. What do I do when I'm sick? Surf the net, mostly Pinterest and Instagram. Above are a few of my favorite finds. I just can't stop looking at them. They all inspire me so much - there so much beauty there... the colors, the lines, the absence of color. Watch out world, when this cold is behind me I see a lot of DIYs coming to my unpacked and sorely uninspiring craft room.

Wanna follow along and see just how much time I spent there over the weekend? ha ha ha 

How about you? How do you spend your days when you're sick? xo

*can't find the source of that awesome heart t-shirt. if you know... please share so i can give that genius credit! xo


  1. Ohhhhhhh.. I'm with you.. I've been lolling about in bed, sipping tons of honey and lemon.. Ro -- from whom I caught this cold! -- is perfectly content building with Lego and watching Blue's Clues, instead of doing math. Never mind, enjoy the rest, and get well soon :)

  2. the only reason I like to be sick is I get to be lazy without guilt :) thats the only reason though! hope you are feeling on the mend today!

  3. cool finds. delia is under the weather around here...we just watched "the secret life of arriety"..which was wonderfully sweet.

  4. When you go to images.google.com and then klick on the camera symbol on the right side of the search field you can search for all images that look like a certain image. This is very helpful when you want to find the source of an image.
    I did that with the shirt picture and found this blog post: http://www.lookwhatmelissamade.com/2012/08/diy-asos-bleach-heart-tee.html


  5. Love you guys! seriously!

    bikbik - hope you are tip top now! xo

    annematique - thanks you so much! awesome tip.xo


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