Around the House: Fall Mobil

Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Monday! Happy to me because we are one day closer to Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble. Yum. Yum. But as excited as I am, I'm wiped - already! We worked on the house over the weekend: painting, cleaning, raking, digging. Whew... even my thighs and butt hurt. Digging is hard work. More on that later in the week. Today I wanted to show you how happy accidents can truly be - glorious. Glorious I tell ya.

Like thousands of others, I am inspired by Confetti System and their tissue tassels. I knew I wanted to make a mobil using a few DIY tassels. And after my little painted some gold leaves while I was working on an acorn project, I knew the two would be amazing together. Bam - right there in the midst of a little spray-paint mishap - inspiration! I love it when that happens.

Using the following materials I created the cheapest DIY I've ever made: (can I get a hellz yah for a 99 cent fall mobil?)

nature walk items - assorted leaves, stick
gold spray paint
1 package of tissue paper
cutting mat

I made the tissue tassels following this DIY tutorial. (I only used one package and even have left over tissue to make more later.)
Tying various length of strings onto the tassels and leaves, I layered everything onto the stick for a longer, fuller effect. And I have to be honest, I got a little sick - read also lazy - of tying all those leaves onto string, so I ended up taping a lot of the leaves to the strings. What can I say?  I'm a hack. I don't try to hide it.

I love this sweet little mobil. It has just the right doses of cranberry, cream and gold. All perfect Fall colors. For Christmas, I think I'll add a few pinecones and maybe some sprigs of rosemary along the branch.

Now be honest, are you still working on Fall/Thanksgiving crafts or have you jumped right onto Christmas? xo


  1. i confess- am working on my thanksgiving tree now....and will be setting up my tables tuesday.

  2. Love this idea! And love your blog!

  3. pve - good work - planning ahead. at east it's not your christmas tree. ;) xo

    liz - YAY! thanks so much sweetie. i just popped over to your blog and wow... love. xo


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