Fab Finds Friday

Friday, November 9, 2012

Nothing major on this happiest of Fridays. Just thought I'd share a few local finds that made me drool. Klyde Warren Park recently opened downtown and I can not say enough great things about it. With a special park for the littles, games, books and yarn bombed trees, it may very well be my new happy place!
The girls behind #targetdoesitagain have convinced me to shop all the departments at Target. I found my new favorite leopard shirt in the plus-size section. This bad boy is going to be in heavy rotation for sure!
I found a one gloved wonder passed out cold on the couch... (he loves that glove and wears it everywhere - Michael Jackson would be proud!)
I found a happy little accident when letting my little spray paint with me outside. He wanted to paint the leaves gold and WOW am I glad he did... Hello amazing Fall inspiration! Cranberry and gold - I die.
Hey, guess what happens when you brag to the world about getting that extra hour of sleep last weekend? Your littles wake up at 6:00, 5:30 and 2:30 am throughout the next week. Awesome-sauce. Oh well, at least they love one another and are playing together well. Isn't that what room sharing is all about? Fostering a lifetime friendship?! (And yes, I am praising God for coffee beans this week.)
Happy weekend to all and to all an uninterrupted night of sleep that lasts for at least 7 hours straight! 

Anyone else find anything unexpected and awesome this week? xo


  1. I found some unexpected non-maternity treasures to fit my pregnant self in the sale area at Old Navy!

  2. Rach - oooh girl... i love it. That stripey skirt you showed me is amazing! xo


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