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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's Fall. One better - it's November. The month that contains my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving. Many just try to gloss over this glorious day. Don't let them do that. Fully soak this one in. Give yourself time to reflect on all that you have to be thankful for. Enjoy your family. Enjoy a good meal prepared by loving hands. Enjoy laughter. Enjoy football or whatever tradition there may be for you and yours. But don't let it slip by.

I fully intend to live this holiday to the fullest - taking nothing for granted. I am working on a few crafts, wrestling with my boys, sweeping and raking leaves, wearing boots and scarves, and preparing for a new tradition that reminds me to be thankful year round.

(PS - that first image is actually from a wedding - do you die? If I could make my Thanksgiving table and surroundings that dreamy, I'm pretty sure it would be heaven on earth. For more amazing shots from that breath-taking wedding go here. You will be so thankful you did!) xo


  1. Love the ideas, the photography, the purposefulness of Thanks - giving!

  2. Oh my goodness - what a great photo! I love this post - thanksgiving is the bomb. :)

  3. I should have kept reading before leaving my last comment!

    I am right here with you, embracing everything "thankful" about this holiday!!

    I am thankful for you and wished we lived closer!

  4. Anon - me too! thanks-giving indeed!

    Lisa - you too are the BOMB girl! xo

    Shon - i am thankful for you too friend and also wished the miles weren't so far. xo

  5. Amen! Really love these photos and your setup from last year - perfection!


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