Around the House: Forty

Monday, December 17, 2012

When forty comes your way you don't know whether to celebrate, or hide in a hole! I'm not exactly sure why, but 40 hit me like a ton of bricks. Maybe it's because "everyone" in blog-land is in their 20's?! What the? Where are my fellow grannies?  Holla! After a few heart to hearts with my homies, I was convinced to celebrate my birthday. This friends is why you need community around you... they convinced, helped plan and prepare and I had a blast.

Now you know I can't have a party without a little fun in the party decor department. Gold polka-dots added to brown craft paper, black tipped feathers and forty candles lit in the home and not on my cake - thank you very much - helped make the table special.

We dined on brisket tacos, chips, queso and mexican rice, while sipping peppermint white russians and rocking to 80's tunes. Hello perfect night. Add to all that the best cupcakes ever made and a photo booth and you have the perfect party mix.
"We laughed. We cried. It was better than Cats. We want to do it* again and again!" (Old SNL reference - anyone?) Pics of the photo booth to come later. People do crazy shiz when you give them rudolph noses and chalkboards. Seriously.  Thanks to all my friends and family that consistently support me and lift me up, convince me that I'm funny, and help throw one heck of a dinner party. Take that 40 - I will dominate you! 

My must haves for my birthday were good friends, good tunes along with feathers, flowers and gold. What are your party must haves? xo


  1. Lordy Lordy, girl you just can't be forty!
    I raise my feathery boa to you and admire your pretty party! My party must haves are to always be ready.
    I also love the idea of having an extra plate or an extra seat -just in case.
    I love using what I have and I also do love a good prayer to give thanks and say grace.

  2. WOW!!Welcome to the party so to speak!! Happy Birthday, wish I could have crashed the party. What a beautiful setting.

    I pray that God will continue to shine upon you and your family with His great mercy and grace. May you walk in discernment and authenticity this and every year!!!


  3. LOVED the evening, loved your home, and LOVE LOVE you sista!

    i'm glad your birthday was special-


  4. What a beautiful setting for a party! Thank you for sharing it with us :) I'm so glad you got to live it up your way!

  5. Happy birthday! Many blessings upon and through you this year! :)

  6. Gorgeous table!!! Mama, I just hope I am as gorgeous and hip as you are when I turn 40. Seriously. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!!

  7. happy happy.
    welcome to the 40's...the best decade yet!

  8. It all looks so gorgeous and wonderful! I LOVE your dining room....everything about it. I love you more though....and am so glad that you had a fabulous birthday! I will be hitting forty in another year {ish} you can hold my hand as I cross that threshold! Happy, happy gorgeous girl! xoxo

  9. Ladies, I am so grateful for each one of you. Thanks so much for your birthday well wishes! You are too kind homies...too kind. Love you all to pieces! xo

  10. happy birthday, beautiful!

    i'll take a slice of that nothing bundt cake, please! ;)

  11. Kimmy-Kim: I know right?! It's nothing bundt awesome goodness! it melted in my mouth. xo

  12. Happy birthday pretty lady!! What a lovely table setting, sounds like such a fun party!


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