Around the House: Kitchen Reveal

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello Monday! The day is finally here where I can show you all the work that we did on the kitchen. That's right; it's the big kitchen reveal. I'm so excited to show you all that we (mostly my husband and FIL) did. When we bought our little fixer upper, I thought we'd just paint over existing cabinetry. Once we got in the house and really looked at things, we knew we'd have to gut it. It hadn't been touched (and maybe even cleaned) since it was built in the 50's. 

Not only did we decide to gut it, we decided to knock out a wall (windows) and make it bigger. We really wanted an island and a breakfast nook that would allow more casual dining in the kitchen.

Here's how she looks today! There's still some work to be done, but she's 90% there.
Since my FIL is a builder, we were able to order our cabinetry from Cab Parts and save some serious cash there. The hubs and FIL built and installed the cabinetry once received. The hardware is all from Ikea as well as the island butcher block. We used the left-over butcher block for the open shelving and painted the back wall a flat black.  We still lack baseboards and and door trim for the pantry and laundry room. The rear door that leads to the mudroom and garage is also temporary (more on that later). 

We are doing as many projects as we can ourselves and waiting for God to provide more income so that we can proceed. We refuse to go into debt over a house. When He provides, we'll begin work again on the addition that contains the mudroom, studio and future master bedroom. Until then, we are thoroughly enjoying what we've done so far. It is a great space to entertain, craft and serve my family. It suits us.

What's your favorite thing about your kitchen? xo


  1. How heavenly is your kitchen. I love it.
    We renovated and although everything added up to more than we thought, we love it and yes, God shall provide abundance to those who love and serve.
    Now I'd love a cup of coffee, will you serve me now at that swanky island.
    My favorite thing about my kitchen has to be the company I serve. My sons say my new oven makes my food taste better. Blame it on the BTU's~

  2. It looks amazing!!!! Well done.


  3. love the clean lines and homey touches. and Jesus on the open bookshelf.
    lovely, just like you.

  4. Lovely!!!!! What an amazing space to enjoy...and in which to enjoy each other!

  5. Well done!! It looks amazing and I am so glad for you guys!! Enjoy it!

    Hmm, my favorite part about our kitchen is the openness.


  6. gorg gorg gorg! i loveevrything about it. it makes me want to power wash my own kitchen in order to make it whiter. the clean bright whites in your kitchen make me wan to come over and cook for you. when ryder gets here- lets do a trade. you hold my baby while i cook in your pretty kitchen :) deal?!!

  7. wow- just re-read and it looks like i typed this out on my iphone. sorry - in major multi task mode- i should proof my comments before posting


  8. Absolutely beautiful!!! Tonya

  9. Superbe! You can be proud of yourself. I love all the personal touches and the vintage pieces (of course). The only great thing of your old kitchen was that the bread box matched the appliances ;)

  10. oh my goodness wow! I don't know how I missed this earlier in the week. i love that the kitchen is open to the dining area. and your concrete floors. great job!

  11. Wow, thanks so much you guys for the outpouring of love support. I'm so grateful for your many kind words and i love hearing your favorite things about your kitchens! xoxo

    pve - What are BTUs?

  12. Mama. . .your kitchen looks BEAUTIFUL! You guys did an outstanding job! Congrats on the hard work! Enjoy!

    Be Blessed!


  13. this is amazing, brooke! im super impressed! What are your countertops around your sink made of?

  14. WOW (I've been meaning to comment on this!), the transformation is just amazing. I love what you did!


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