Flu Survival: The Essentials

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's been a while since I've had the flu, but I've never heard of having the flu without fever. You? Well, that's what happened to me last week. Sore throat, tired beyond comprehension, sleeping for days... I thought I had mono. But no, it was indeed the flu and it took me 7 days to feel any kind of normal again. I thought I'd share my own little survival kit with you today.

2. ricola - dual action
3. pretty bowl for cough drops (I needed something pretty to look at)
4. sleep. sleep. sleep.
5. kleenex - cool touch (these babies are magic, really)

It was also crucial for me to have my nook by my side. While battling this flu, I became addicted to Downton Abbey. I know! Love it.

What's your must have item when you're sick? xo


  1. Aww.. good that you are feeling well again though! Did you do the vitamin C and zinc megadosing? That does help a bit I think. These things are exercises in patience :)

  2. Today is day 5 for my little girl (13) with this flu thing.
    We are on Winter Break and she is missing out on so much fun. I don't know who feels worse, her or her mother!
    On my list are soft pj's lots of fluids, ice pops and rest. Saltines too.


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